#136: Ornusa Cadness and Sanya Smith on FHM November 2011

When was the last time FHM featured real, working models on their cover? I mean, those days when TV stars don’t frequent the cover of this rag? The closest I remember was Misa Campo’s February stint, but I don’t think Misa is a “model-model”. Not the glossy one, I mean. Well, back in 2007, Brazilian babe Ariani Nogueira did FHM. She was here mainly for Eat! Bulaga, though. In 2006, Amanda Griffin appeared back-to-back with Karel Marquez on the cover. There. 5 years since a real-deal model did the cover of FHM.

Ornusa Cadness. Sanya Smith. Silver-ish. Naked-ish. Side-by-side.


It’s really refreshing to see these girls on the cover. It’s been a long time since we last saw something this raw on the cover. Although the comparison with Aubrey Miles’ July 2009 cover is inevitable, I can say that this one’s a bit different.

The cover layout was rocking, pretty much coherent with the attitude of the cover muses. And have you noticed that there have been no red-colored logo on the cover of FHM this year? WalaLungs.


Seeing these girls on the cover is a breath of fresh air since TV stars have been frequenting FHM as of late (since 2005, I mean). I believe models like Ornusa and Sanya will make better subjects when doing an interview since we only have little knowledge about their lives. Unlike those TV stars whose personal stories are almost always readily available.

This month also marks the return of Doc Marlon Pecjo as the main lensman after his June 2011 stint. I wonder why FHM rarely get him as the cover shoot photographer nowadays. I remember him doing 11 out of 12 covers back in 2009.

Also, it’s hard not to compare this month’s photo shoot to that of Aubrey Miles back in 2009 because of the utter similarities of the shoots’ setting. And yes, Doc Marlon did these shoots. The thing that’s almost always noticeable with Pecjo’s photos is its rawness.

And with the girls, the shoot is kinda underwhelming. I mean this is not Ornusa’s best FHM photos (although this one’s the one with the least articles of clothing) and Sanya should have more photos.


The girls, being fashion models, are known to be high-fashion but their photos are very relatable.  At first, I thought they would have very editorial-like photographs and poses but they toned it down to be suitable to the men’s magazine reading masses. Their interviews are very entertaining, too.

 It’s also a plus to know that we have girls doing their poses like they mean it. I mean they know how to work with he camera well, thus the good-looking photos we have on the magazine.


The girls could use more photos. I believe they have more photos worthy of being included in their spread.

 And they should have included more variety with the photos of them together.

 And yes, this could be their last men’s magazine appearance.


I would say that Sanya Smith delivered better photos. Her lines are rockin’ and her eyes are just so tantalizing. Add to that her sexy jaw line. Ornusa’s still a big crush of mine, though. I just hope that FHM featured Sanya as much as Ornusa.


The only one I found worth reading is the comedy feature.

The first part includes Ramon Bautista with other comedians of different styles giving advice on laughing your way to a girl’s heart. It was entertaining on most parts. I just hope that Ramon did more talking.

The second part has comediennes doing a photo shoot, the FHM style. We have there Chariz Solomon, KitKat, Rufa Mi and Tuesday Vargas.

Some of the interviews were bland, though some of their photos delivered. I have always admired Tuesday Vargas, though. She knows how to do her comedy while taking herself seriously. Plus slapstick has grown old and distasteful for me.

Who am I kidding? The one about the Philippine Dragon Boat team looks interesting, too- although I haven’t read it yet.


We have Zo Duro and a girl named Ally. Nothing really note worthy.

This issue’s almost a winner. The cover girls are enough to enjoy this month’s release.

*cover image from FHM.com.ph

My Twitter WTF (Who To Follow)

It’s been two years since I joined Twitter. As we all know, Twitter is a micro-blogging site which enables its members to post random thoughts within its 140-character limit. I favor Twitter over other networking sites although it serves a different purpose just like other networking sites.

I have grown to love Twitter because of its utter simplicity. It has become my repository of random things. It’s like picking on someone’s brain virtually.

Over the years, Twitter has evolved into something that is very adaptable to everyone. From simple status updates called ‘tweets’, people on Twitter can now post images, videos and audios. These upgrades also made tweeting beyond Twitter’s 140-character limit possible.

Twitter’s format of ‘following’ accounts and having ‘followers’ also adds fun to the whole virtual world of stalking. Twitter has become a place for ‘guiltless’ stalking.

Along with the changes and the growing number of people using Twitter, this site has transformed into something more fun, more informative and more addicting. People went beyond answering ‘What’s happening?’, the main Twitter question. And answering beyond what was asked could either be good or bad, but we just don’t care (which could also be good or bad.)

Twitter is something worth the time because amidst all the normal ‘I just ate a whatever’ and ‘Here at wherever’ tweets are interesting and unique tweets.

As of press time, I am following 96 people, 22 of which are persons I know personally. And there goes the joke that Facebook is for people you know, and Twitter’s for people you WISH you know. This statement holds water, right?

I’m happy with the people I follow on Twitter. Their posts vary from inspiring to profane, funny to touching, and informative to downright useless. I am greatly entertained by the diversity of thoughts from the people I follow. (Although I follow some people just to check on their stupidities. It makes me feel good about myself. I am THAT needy, yes.)

To cut all this shit off, I am putting up a list of people who I think are worthy of your follows.

 LC (@evrythingmustgo)

Followers: 15, 415

Claim to be Followed:

This guy is my favorite follow. His posts are very diverse. He touches you with a post about love and loneliness, then he posts something profane. His tweets speak of realities many of us choose to be left unsaid.

Sample Tweets:

If you can’t express your pain and suffering, where’s the fun in having it?

It’s no coincidence that “Holy” goes so well with crap, shit and fuck.

If you listen carefully, the silence is beautiful.

Sara Bareilles (@SaraBareilles)

Followers: 2, 054, 968

Claim to be Followed:

A self confessed potty-mouth, international singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles’ Twitter page isn’t always as sweet sounding as her voice. But that made me love her a little more. Reading her tweets will either paint a smile on your face or make your heart skip a beat. No, we are not complaining. A proof that she won’t be writing us a love song anytime soon.

Sample Tweets:

Watched a little of the MTV movie awards. They made me feel old. Or maybe the afghan blanket, knitting, hearing aid and sciatica did that.

Wrote a song called Beautiful Girl. About loving yourself. Made the mistake of looking up “beautifulgirl.com”. Should be renamed vagina.com.

Dear Fly who refuses to go out the window: I’m trying to save your life, you dumb piece of sh*t. Now I have no remorse for ruining your day.

Fake Noynoy Aquino (@fakenoynoy)

Followers: 10,565

Claim to be Followed:

Need I say more? This is the parody account of the 15th president of the Philippines. He makes fun of Kris Aquino and her kids, the Cabinet Members, even his love life and pretty much anything and everything the President dare not make fun of. This account is fun to follow because it talks about things that are relevant, something that the president don’t usually do.

Sample Tweets:

I just caught Boy Abunda secretly watching #Amaya. He REALLY wants to become a strong warrior princess some day.

My Sister’s capacity to shut her mouth was severely diminished by the hormones injected in her bosom so she can produce more milk for Nido.

CONFIRMED: Osama Bin Laden is dead. – I will issue a statement regarding this important matter after I play bingo with Joshua and Bimby.

KC Montero (@kcmontero)

Followers: 144, 360

Claim to be Followed:

Although he plugs his shows a lot, KC Montero’s tweets are beyond hilarious. He is my favorite DJ to follow on Twitter. (@djmotwister on a close second) He pokes fun on himself more than others, he’s cool with making a fool of himself and his sarcasm towards bashers is commendable. He doesn’t need to give himself entitlements to be considered relevant (read: HD Tweets. What the fuck?)

Sample Tweets:

When girls call you kuya, its hard to hit on them.

Athletes get endorsements: Phil younghusband is everywhere. Wtf! I’m a beer pong champ, where’s my billboards?..yes its a sport.

I’m supposed to wear something “car” related for party p opening. How about a car air freshener?

Ramon Bautista (@ramonbautista)

Followers: 97, 786

Claim to be Followed:

UP Professor, DJ, TV Host, internet superstar, actor- an eclectic mix of  jobs this guy is currently doing. One of the few ‘swabe’ guys on Twitter. When he tweets, 100+ retweets his tweets. He speaks of things everybody can relate to. He speaks of things everybody can say. He is the voice. He is Philippines’ multimedia king. He is the new ‘gwapo’.  He is the modern Ramon Bautista. He is THE Ramon Bautista. Follow mo na lang.

Sample Tweets:

LSS labadami, labango…

e kung gawing parang driver’s license yung kasal, tipong dapat i-renew every 3 years?

pwede wag muna mag end of the world, kakabayad ko lang ng kuryente? pag dumating na yung disconnection notice, yan…

Funny One Liners (@funnyoneliners)

Followers: 272, 153

Claim to be Followed:

If you like reading funny tweets from different people but are too number conscious, then follow this account. He posts only the funniest tweets and he credits the owners, too. And he also tweets his own jokes. You won’t feel cheated because you know that the funny tweets are stolen from other accounts. He follows back, too.

Sample Tweets:

I just sprayed a mosquito with mosquito repellant. Now, he’ll never have any friends. RT @funnyhumour

Don’t insult my intelligense. RT @xflansx

I’m giving up on the silent treatment. Going to start talking to myself again.

Rhian Ramos (@whianwamos)

Followers: 190, 568

Claim to be Followed:

She’s one of local tinsel town’s prettiest faces but don’t be fooled, she has more than beauty to make her worth your follow. She posts thoughts that are hers, and only hers. Love her because she’s pretty. Follow her because she’s witty and funny, a combination not all actresses on Twitter have.

Sample Tweets:

With the way he drives, i feel like it’s only a matter of time before my driver kills me.. or at least gets me injured…

glad i’m home, safe. – i assume.

well thank you for breaking into my twitter. nice job. i hope you get all the sympathy you hoped for.

Jason Mraz (@jason_mraz)

Followers: 1, 894, 887

Claim to be Followed:

An international singer with numerous worldwide hits under his bet. Not good enough for your follow? Then you have to know that he is humorous. He’s the male version of Ms. Bareilles’ Twitter page. He’s less profane, though. He seldom tweets but his random tweets are too good to be missed. Don’t hesitate no more, his follow button cannot wait.

Sample Tweets:

Riding a bike with no hands is like riding a unicycle with a large training wheel. Pedestrians Beware, I’m doing it right now as I tweet!

To my friends who put the RAD in graduation, congratulations.

“Party Boobytrap” – Best Palindrome Ever. I think I just found my next album title.

Gabe Mercado (@gabemercado)

Followers: 22, 536

Claim to be Followed:

He tweets about parenthood, technology, pop culture, things about the 80’s, sports and every random thought that comes into him (even adding girls in bikinis on FB). Following him is picking one’s brain at its finest. You don’t have to relate to everything he posts for you to know that he’s making sense and he’s funny.

Sample Tweets:

Your kilays are disturbingly thick. Shudder.

And tonight is 80’s dance night with The Body Buddy Dancers!

I want to eat your Kropek.


There. 9 people who I think are worth your follows. I know there are a lot of good accounts out there, choices are pretty much based on preferences. Whatever. They are the people I like to follow. I would love to put more entries there but I guess my mind has adapted to Twitter’s character limit. Everything more than what my laziness can adjust to is too much.

I actually made this post because it’s my second year on Twitter *yay!*

So happy Tweeting to me and may all my tweet dreams come true.