#137: Sam Pinto on FHM December 2011

She’s back! Sam Pinto is back on the cover of FHM! She is back seventeen months after her debut on the cover of FHM. She is back five months after she was voted as the Sexiest Filipina. She is back to end the year that was 2011 the right way!

A model, a reality TV star, a product endorser and an occasional actress, Sam Pinto’s FHM debut on July of 2010 came in as a pleasant surprise to everyone. Nobody thought that Sam would be doing FHM shortly after her PBB stint. And as her cover tagline then says, “Sam Pinto, Knocking on Stardom’s Door.”

She then jumped networks for a broader career opportunity. After that, endorsements came flowing in, bit roles on TV and movies also ushered in. From then on, mainstream success followed.

Everything went crazy for Sam Pinto after she nailed the top spot on FHM Philippines’ 100 Sexiest Women in the World campaign 2011. She became the poster girl of the new breed of sexy. Classy, charming and very natural. She has, somehow, gone a long way with just over a year in the showbiz industry.

And now, after stardom has opened its door for her, all we could see is “Sam Pinto: To Infinity and Beyond.”


This cover is much better compared to her July 2010 one. Although this is not the year’s best. Sam looks younger this time because on her 2010 cover, she looks very regal and serious (hence, the older look.)

July 2010

And I guess the deal with people doing the cover of magazines several times is out doing the previous one. And FHM did what needs to be done with Sam Pinto.


Juxtaposed. Sam, being her classy and elegant self, was shot on the lahar ruins in Pampanga. Her shoot may be a representation of the Mayan belief that the world would end on 2012, and Sam is the last babe standing. It may also represent the diamond in the rough phase Sam went through before she became the precious gem that she is today. This shoot may also showcase Sam’s versatility – from her ‘sheltered’  2010 spread to a more extreme and uncontrolled setting. Either way, or all the way, Sam’s beauty radiates with whatever the story was behind this shoot.

It has been said that Sam brings in the new breed of sexy to the next level. And I was expecting Sam to not be very daring (much to my dismay). At least she didn’t try to fool us into believing that she wore or didn’t wear this and that.

Xander Angeles was Sam’s photographer for this shoot (and also during her previous cover). Sam’s photo went from very futuristic during the first few layouts to dramatic and sultry towards the last few layouts. The composition of the photos were amazing. Sam’s allure shone with the magnificent backdrop.

The interview was good and entertaining. Sam surely has gone a long way. And she may be in it for the long haul.


The photo shoots for the girls on this month’s issue were all commendable. Their beauties are an eclectic mix of breed and personality. We have Kristine Santamenta, Camila Sales, Jackie Clanton and Mia Gray. We also have blonde Starter Babe Laurisha Marie and Girlfriends (yes, plural) RRJ girl Kates Ocampo and Zandra Lee of Boracay Rum.


The one I find really interesting is the one about ‘Act(ing) Your Age’.

There’s also one about the recent boom of condominium units around the metro. Also featured on this issue (and are almost regulars every December issue) are lists of cool bars and gadgets which may become very useful this season of debauchery and gift-giving.

The Noche Buena recipes on the Upgrade section look very delicious and easy to make. And after the recipe comes the list of ways to prevent overeating and indigestion. Everything just in time for Christmas.


Sam Pinto surely is the star of this issue. What a way to end a very successful year for FHM and its readers. Our bells are jingling for 2012.

*cover images from FHM.com.ph

#127: Misa Campo on FHM February 2011

So it is the “love month” and FHM Philippines is featuring ‘happy camper’, extra terrestrial beauty that is Misa Campo.

Filipina-Canadian beauty Misa Campo is an international car show model and an internet sensation. Needless to say, she is a hot property.

And since my knowledge about Miss Campo is limited only to what little research I did after celebrity DJ KC Montero tweeted about her last October, I will just talk about the magazine itself and all the good stuff in it.


Did you see the cover? Of course you did. Did you take a second look at it and checked if it is FHM Philippines you are seeing? Hell yeah!

To say that the cover is stunning is an understatement. It is of international appeal. Just seeing Misa Campo do that pose makes you stop and stare (and ogle, if you want). But you also have to commend FHM for the colors they chose for the texts on the cover considering that the background is white and just any color would do.

And the cover is durable, just like last year’s February issue.


(I know, I know. FHM launched their new layout last month but I missed that issue, so forgive me.) The new layout looks less confusing compared to the previous one. I used the term ‘confusing’ with reference to the layout used during August 2009 – February 2010 which is ‘less confusing’. Are you confused on what I am talking about? Yes reader, I really have nothing to say about the layout and I am as confused as you on why I am talking about it on the first place.


The story on how FHM pulled-off the cover shoot was amazing. If you are the type who looks at the pictures first before reading the cover story, you’d be surprised by how they managed to produce such a wonderful shoot. If you are the type who just looks at the pictures and then goes back to business, I have nothing to say. What are the chances that you are reading this, anyway?

The interview helps us to get to know more about Misa Campo. From how she started as a model to how the internet helped her to be known worldwide.

If you are an avid reader or a collector of this magazine, you probably heard some cover stars say that they want their shoot to be sexy and classy. Yes, FHM Philippines is known for producing photos of sexiness and classiness. But I have to say that Misa’s photos were among the sexiest and classiest FHM has had.

Miss Campo’s 18 photos were all smoldering and equally inviting. Plus it’s Misa Campo. Plus the photos are all unique. Plus it’s Misa Campo. Plus she showed a lot while keeping the curiosity alive. And did I say it’s MISA CAMPO? Yes, it is Misa Campo.

Misa Campo knows how to work with the camera. Just look at the lower right photo on page 76. Ah, priceless. Who can resist that cute and inviting girl sitting there?


We have starter Angel Smith, February girlfriend Kim Lee, former hot babe Sachie Sanders and 100% Hotties Kissa Kurdi of the Baywalk bodies and ‘bitch’ Aya Alonzo.

It’s a treat that FHM decided to allot more space for the GF of the Month. I find Sachie’s photos more attractive compared to her photos for the FHM Lingerie Special Volume 1. Ah, those lips. Aya Alonzo’s feature was ‘bitin’ but I guess they will feature her on FHM.com.ph in the future so the photos on the magazine are just ‘appetizers’. And yes, those photos of Miss Alonzo were appetizing. Plus brainy girls are sexy, aren’t they?


Sam Pinto’s SanMig Light ad is so hot she deserves to do a cover again. Never mind if she wears that hot, blue two-piece all throughout the shoot. We’re not complaining. She just have to be on the cover again. I love the way she speaks, and acts, and walks, and.. and..


The articles in this issue are nice. Yes they are. Read them.

Since FHM is known for listing down good stuff (READ: 100 Sexiest Women among others), I always look forward to them listing down random things. And for this month, they listed down 45 ‘dick’ flicks. Dick flicks are the opposite of chick flicks, if you want to know. The dick flicks listed vary from The Hangover to Iron Man to Batman to The Godfather series but all testosterone-filled, nevertheless.

The articles on BO and the 13 Things We Don’t Know about Philippine History were a bit ‘bitin’ but informative, still.

My favorite story was that of ‘kuya’, the 47-year old virgin; kudos to B.A. Borleo for the great feature.


The Bar Room Jokes, Ladies’ Confessions, True Stories, Upgrade, Reviews, Fashion; always present, ever informative.

The Starter articles never fail to give knowledge we don’t really need, but is still worth the brain cells.

What I miss is the most is the advice column. Man, they should have Asia Agcaoili back.

And Premiere’s Erek Shawn has become an FHM icon and hero. He has been an FHM regular for only three years  or so and we have parents naming their babies after him. Amazing?


FHM’s 15-peso cover price raise is just fair for everyone. It has been 5 years since FHM’s last price hike, yet FHM started to double the photos of the cover girls a couple f years back.

Yes, the issue may be thin but it is LOADED. It is so loaded that FHM released the issue four days before February started. It is that loaded that February’s 28 days is not enough.

This issue is one of the many issues of FHM you just can’t resist reading and re-reading (and ogling) over and over.


Here are the photos of Misa Campo from the FHM Website (click and ogle)


3D-fied Miss Campo made using make3dphotos.com

*images courtesy of FHM.com.ph