Spotless Sunshine

If there’s a way you can deliberately erase a person in your memory, would you?

Watching “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, I realized that perhaps it would be convenient to really have certain people, events or whatnot erased from one’s memory. The movie, for me, was “Inception” in a more humanized level. It’s like having your subconscious mapped, then people will retract your memories of that certain individual.

We all know that movies aren’t real and they are more idealistic for their (our) own good. But, would you really want to have people erased if you really can?

I think that realizing that you want to keep some parts, some memories with you is the hardest part. That despite wanting to let go, you want some parts to stay not because you want the person associated to, but because the memories are too good to let go.

Perhaps forgetting and letting go are overrated. Perhaps realizing that slowly uprooting memories of a person off your brain isn’t the easiest thing. But who knows, right? It is really impossible to erase, to uproot, to block out a memory out of our brains, isn’t it?


Koala Dreaming

We used to have a big-ass eucalyptus tree in our front yard. And I used to dream of owning a koala bear up in there. How cool would be it, having a pet koala bear?

Look, I have a Koala!

I am not even sure if I am qualified to take care of one. So, they are endemic to Australia and I don’t know if I will do good in having an Aussie accent, so no. And our eucalyptus tree died a couple of years ago so, it’s over for my Koala dreams for now.