Top of the Line

Power lines are fascinating.

They are just there, just always above almost everything. Some of them more organized than others. A lot of them are tangled and messed up in so many ways- but they still manage to do what they’re supposed to do. They don’t seem to be much, but they mean business. 

They sometimes break, bend, burn and die but they mostly don’t because, like what I said they’re always above almost everything. But sometimes they are not. And they’re beautiful for that.

Right in the Feels

It is almost crazy how conversations about feelings almost always revolve around the fact that people are afraid of expressing them. About how we are so good at keeping them from everyone we should be sharing them with. 

What we are missing though is the fact that most of the time, it is not the fear of expressing that haunts us. We struggle in letting ourselves feel what we need to feel. It might be because we are never too sure if what makes our heart skip, our skin crawl, our heads pound are valid and real. And how do we express something we can’t wrap our understanding with?

Drawing Blanks


This place seems familiar yet totally different from the last time I dropped by. What changed? Three years seem to be a very long time. I can’t even remember what brought me back here. Is there anybody here?

I decide that I should start dropping by more often so I have a place to dump all my random (oftentimes blank) thoughts. I mean, I have spent a whole lot of time over thinking them and eventually letting them vanish in my head. 

Anyway, I have a question. At what point in life did you feel less worried about being successful than getting enough hours of sleep? 👽