What Happens Inside Rogue Magazine #48 with Anne Curtis

Let me share a little story.

As you all notice, I have a thing about magazines. And for the past 8 years or so, I have been reading FHM. It was actually my sister who somehow introduced me to that rag. Our oldest FHM issue was the March 2003 edition. Then my brother took the ‘responsibility’ to make the collection grow. By that time I was busy collecting K-Zone, a kiddie magazine. Then a couple of years forward, I find myself doing the FHM duty. 5 years ago, I decided to drop my K-Zone collection because I am starting to lose the connection with the magazine. So it was FHM from then on.

Every single month, I try my best to purchase a copy or two of FHM. I make time to update my collection and buy issues I missed. FHM has become a staple and I have grown to know how the FHM team do their thing.

But over the past couple of months, I have been very curious on how other magazines present their materials. Maybe I just wanted to see things from the other side. I try to find outtakes of other magazines from the internet just to know what I am looking for.

It was only this month that I decided to try something new, alongside this month’s FHM of course. In choosing the material, it’s a battle between the inaugural issue of Esquire Philippines and Rogue Magazine.


Rogue Magazine never fails to impress me with their covers. I am very curious on how they do their job and what is their target market. I have always referred to them as an art magazine.

I then realized that I would love to see artsy photos. Fashion magazines are out of the question because they tend to be too cluttered and, you know, too girly. So Rogue would be a good choice.

My first peek on a Rogue issue was from their November 2010 issue. I downloaded a digital copy because I’m a fan of Jennylyn Mercado. I was impressed then. I never read the articles though. From then on I always check on their Facebook page because they put outtakes there.

I never thought that this month’s Rogue issue would get a lot of buzz. Well, for one thing it was Anne Curtis on the cover. Then there’s the cigarette.

I must say that Anne Curtis really has a strong market ability. I remember buying an old issue of the old UNO Magazine with her on the cover. And then this Rogue Magazine.

That controversial Anne Curtis cover is just one-third of the October 2011 covers. I really prefer purchasing the one where Anne’s covering herself with the white dress but I didn’t bother asking for that one because it already took the store keeper tens of minutes to hand me a copy. Filbar’s SM Marilao, read this.

There’s nothing much to say about Anne’s 36-page spread. It’s a given that it is amazing because  A) it’s Anne,  B) it’s Mark Nicdao, C) it’s in Paris, and D) it’s Rogue. Anne Curtis has got to be the biggest, brightest star of this generation and there’s no stopping her.

Another thing why I purchased this particular edition is because it is Rogue’s entertainment issue. I really have to, at least, relate to the articles for me to really enjoy the magazine. This one’s the best choice because I’m really not sure if I could relate much had this issue  been dubbed as the ‘Style Issue’ or ‘Appetite Issue’.

The articles are amazing in a more amazing way than just the plain amazing. The Mother Lily feature and Jose Javier Reyes’ article are my favorites. It’s also commendable that they featured the movers of the entertainment scene: Eugene Domingo, Chris Martinez and Marlon Rivera among others.

Rogue costs more than FHM but it’s thicker, bigger and more substantial. The additional damage on the pocket is worth the damaging. I’m really not sure though if I can make Rogue a regular thing for me. Even if it is of superior quality, I don’t know if I can drop FHM for Rogue.


*Anne Curtis Rogue outtake from fasionmediaph.blogspot.com

Rogue Cover images, Jennylyn Mercado outtake from Rogue Magazine Facebook page

#130: Rich Asuncion on FHM May 2011 + FHM 100 Sexiest 2011 Partials

I know, it’s better late than never. I wasn’t really all giddy about buying this issue. Maybe it’s due to the mixed reviews I read about this one from the FHM bullboard. But I bought it, anyway. And it wasn’t really a knockout. Part of this judgment is due to the fact that I bought books along with this magazine. I’m more excited with the fact that I have new books.

I was actually hinting about Rich Asuncion gracing FHM for May on my last FHM post. Her camp released publicity reports of her doing an FHM shoot in Boracay. Oh, well.


The cover is stunning. It has the same effects as Misa Campo’s- simple, crisp, clean. This issue’s good as far as the cover’s concerned. Yes, better than last month’s cover.


May is the last month of summer and FHM decided to end summer on a beach, with Rich Asuncion, nonetheless.

Rich is beautiful, no questions about that one. She actually looks like a much younger Dawn Zulueta.But the concept used on her is overused and bland. Her poses are redundant. There are girls who can pull-off a good beach pictorial, but Rich didn’t. Her photoshoot could have been better, a-la Jackie Rice’s FHM cover. Sayang lang.

I get that they chose colorful articles of (non)clothing and a calm back drop to get a mabango and malinis effect. They achieved that. I just feel like Rich is not well-motivated. I mean her poses and facial expressions are bland.

Her interview’s fine. She knows what she has and what she can do with it. Rich also knows what she want. I have always admired her wisdom. And yes, she’s talented- more talented than her Starstruck contemporaries Kris Bernal and Jewel Mische.

It wasn’t really that bad, it’s just that they can do WONDERS with Rich. Again, sayang. Hope she’ll do FHM once more to make up for it.


One for the Donaires, one for basketball, one for OPM and one for vegetables.

I never thought I would enjoy reading about the Donaires, but for some reason, I did.

Nonito is a good boxer. Intelligent boxer nga daw. He and his wife has good communication skills, evident to some TV interviews they had.

FHM did well on covering not just Nonito’s boxing life, they also presented him as a photography enthusiast. It’s just saddening that his issue with his family was blown out of proportions.

The basketball article was good, as well as the vegetables. Those article were accompanied by nice illustrations. It’s fun to know more about the bahay kubo.

The one about OPM songs was almost good. They should have given that one more space. The lay-out of the article itself was a bit tacky. Warren Espejo, on the other hand, did well on the collage. He’s responsible for the good artworks on spot.ph.


These girls own a star on this issue. Their photoshoots are better than the cover girl’s. It would’ve been better had FHM made Rich do a concept like any of these girls’ photoshoot.

Jinri Park, oh Jinri Park. She is just lovely. Chinita, silky smooth skin, nice lips. Plus she’s a full-blooded Korean with Filipino values, like radio and tv godesses Sam Oh and Grace Lee. Lovely.

I think she appeared on GMA’s Comedy Bar. She’s one of those ‘beer-gins’ who sheds clothes before serving food and drinks to live studio guests.

FHM veteran Nika Madrid made a splashing comeback on this issue.

Need I say more? I really hope that FHM do a cover with this kind of concept. It would be amazing even if the cover girl would want some ‘cover’ on.

Other babes featured are Bench Body model Barbara Baretto and Tahiti Cora as the May Girlfriend.


It wasn’t really a good issue, not also a bad one. It’s the type that won’t make you really worried if you failed to purchase. The featured girls are the best part of this issue.


It has been almost two month’s since FHM opened the voting for the 100 Sexiest for 2011. Unless you are living under a rock, you probably know that FHM releases updates every week via their newsletter called the Bullpen. Showbiz news reports also uses the same FHM updates to inform non-FHM readers and subscribers about the ongoing poll.

Here’s the rundown of the updates:



(Cristine Reyes takes the 3rd spot.)




It’s always a neck to neck battle on the top 5 of every partial results to date. It has always been the same names in there.

Angel Locsin grabbed the top spot  on the first update which covers the first nineteen days of voting. She has since failed to maintain her standing up until the most recent unofficial tally.

Marian Rivera grabbed the lead from Angel on the next update which covered an additional 10 days after the first one. She has maintained her lead up until the 4th update.

Cristine Reyes, although considered a strong contender, has yet t grab the top spot on any of the updates.

Sam Pinto has shown a strong potential during the first four updates. And she even grabbed the top spot on the most recent update. Kudos to Sam and her fans.

Solenn Heussaff (and her fans) seems to be a little quiet about this poll. She peaked at number 4 during the 3rd update but she holds the 5th spot on the other updates. I hope her fans would pull off a surprise and provide more votes for Solenn on the weeks to come.

Jennylyn Mercado has been on the sixth spot for four consecutive weeks until Valerie Concepcion grabbed the spot on the recent update. I am still surprised that Valerie has been on the top 10 for three weeks now. I never knew her fan base is that strong. It helps that she’s appearing on two TV networks.

Ellen Adarna is considered as an underdog on this list. She is well known by FHM readers and netizens but not  by the greater mass. Still, she holds a firm position on the top 10.

Katrina Halili‘s fans still love the two-time sexiest woman, although not with the same flare as before. She has been on the bottom of the top 10 for 3 weeks but still holding on, while contemporaries Iwa Moto and Ehra Madrigal figured in on the 29th and 24th spot, respectively, on the third update. (Ehra figured in on the 10th spot during the first update)

Non-FHM cover girls Rhian Ramos, Anne Curtis and Lovi Poe also figured in on the top 10 at some point. With Rhian staying on for three weeks, peaking at number 7. Anne Curtis entered the top 10 on week 2 at the ninth spot and has yet to appear on the updates that followed.  Lovi, on the other hand, holds the ninth spot on the two most recent updates.


I am glad that Sam Pinto grabbed the lead this week. That opened up the opportunity for someone new to be the Philippines’ Finest. I mean Angel, Marian and Cristine are sexy in their own ways but it’s about time to have someone new up there. Enough of making history like three-time sexiest, two-time sexiest without posing for FHM and the like. I am still for SOLENN and SAM. They might pull off a surprise in the weeks to come.

Voting is open until June 15th. Yeah, vote wisely.

**images from FHM.com.ph and FHM’s Facebook