Says Who?


Since when did being in touch with one’s feelings become a talent? I don’t know about you, but that is one of the many things I cannot do. I can’t get in touch with my feelings even if my life depends on it.

But, yeah, who needs that kind of shit anyway? There’s a reason why books are written and cards are made. And that is to put words on our mouths. Twitter, on the other hand, is made to express thoughts people don’t give a rat’s ass about. Pretty much like in real life.

Making Posts That Matter

I am way too behind my blogging schedule. I am two issues late of my monthly FHM review, and it bothers me. It bothers me because it is my FHM posts that reaps the most number of views from people who loves scouring the net for photos of the half-naked girls. What bothers me most is the fact that posts that I have made with much gusto gets almost no attention. Whatever. I’m still getting views during my down-time. And this doesn’t bother me.

I have always wanted to believe that I am getting better in writing as months go by. And I really want to believe that I have done a good job over the 14 months of blogging. But blogging has become a hit or miss for me. I mean, composing my thoughts is tasking. I sit in front of my computer and start writing, then deleting, then re-thinking stuff, then writing and deleting. I know for a fact that I have something good to say, it’s just that getting there and putting it to words is not the easiest thing for me.

Before the previous year ended, I planned to broaden the things I write about, maybe venture into different writing forms, even. But blogging has become very hard a thing for me to do. Maybe it has something to do with me not having a lot of free time as much as I did in  2011. Or maybe the internet has become too mainstream for me.

I am having concerns now about my complete lack of focus on things. I have first given up interest in texting. 4 years ago, I was sooo into texting. Then my interest dwindled over the years. Whatever personal, social  and emotional undertones it may suggest, I don’t know. I just lost the interest and the drive to send that message back. I occasionally have SMS exchange with friends but I tell you, it comes but a few tines a quarter. And I intend to not sound so needy whenever I am able to send messages.

Next thing I know I was giving up my interest on local TV shows. It’s no surprise, really, since there are no good TV shows here. I tell you. Bad acting, bad story, bad hyping. Even variety shows which are intended to entertain have become lackluster and downright boring. And there’s no other form of comedy than slapstick. Call me whatever but I derive entertainment from US TV series. I either do it marathon style via peg-legged copies of TV series (of The Big Bang Theory, mainly. I’m a few episodes short to finishing the 4th season, at the moment), season after season or catch up on ETC. I enjoy New Girl and Two Broke Girls. I’m so into those shows  that sometimes I dream of being Zooey Deschanel’s roommate and wake up to her sunshiny doe-eyed humor. Or pull off a Kat Dennings and just be rude, sarcastic and perverted all at the same time. In real life. (I’m currently stopping my operation as a blogger for an hour to watch New Girl and 2BG back-t0-back. Will be back soon). I have become so into sitcoms that I have totally lost the patience to watch a movie. The last few ones I saw were impressive DVD copies of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (some scenes kept me awake, and it was good) and Up (call me whatever again but I am no stone). I tried getting into  some more but it always boil down to the fact that my brain can’t stand media productions that are longer than an hour, is not a cartoon or has no sex scenes. (I watch American Idol, by the way. Well, it may be longer than an hour but it has cartoon humor and songs and/or performers get raped at times. It counts.)

And the saddest part of all of these short attention span dilemma I am going through is my deteriorating interest on the internet. Yes, mainly Facebook and Twitter. It just turned boring for me and some people there just behave so annoyingly that I am starting to hate mankind. The things that keep me wired and online are 9gag, peg-leg downloading and my not so impressive WP stats. Yes, I’m avoiding awkward, fake and unnecessary human interaction online. The only one I really wanna get involved with is the interaction with tetris battle. Isn’t it sad that I am a socially awkward individual behaving socially awkward online?

Where were we? Oh, as much as it burns me so bad, I think I will not be doing the FHM thing on a regular basis. It sucks balls because it may jeopardize the currently not so impressive traffic I’m getting here, but suck it. I blame my short attention span.


I know what to blame.

My complete indifference on giving a single fuck.

Of course I’m kidding. I have all the fuck to give.

Welcome myself. I’m blogging again.

Here’s a troll dancing for everyone.

The Use and Abuse of Emoticons

Nasty, nasty emoticons. I admit that I have been using these ‘smileys’ for the longest time may be it via the internet or through SMS. I guess the fascination with these strings of characters started from different chatting platforms. You know, those custom smileys generated by chat windows.

Are these emoticons useful? Yes. I guess no one would have started the use of it if it serves no purpose, no matter how trivial, at all.

As I stated earlier, people started using these icons via different chatting platforms. It started when online chatting is about, well, just chatting. No video, no audio. I guess smileys were developed to serve as conversation ‘fillers’.


  • As an ice breaker.

I guess this one works. I can attest to that. This trick is very useful especially when an emoticon is used after a conversation was cut abruptly leading to the quintessential ‘BRB’ moment. The emoticon is used as a signal of availability of one party.

  • As a punctuation mark during awkward moments

Whenever you put yourself up online, you will never know when will an awkward moment come up. Emoticons would then be your best friend. Nothing speaks awkward more than a single smiley as a reply to ones message. The case can either be a.) “This has become so awkward that I shall end this conversation. *send smiley*”, or b.) “I really don’t care… *send smiley*”

  • As an attention grabber

This works like the ‘lyrics’ on your status updates. Nothing beats a frowning face in getting the attention you want. Then the inevitable “why’s?” will soon come flowing in. There you have it. You just earned the time of other people. Just brace yourself and your ego should nobody take notice of your bait.

See? There are some practical uses for these tiny horizontal faces.

But there are some things done with emoticons that I just can’t seem to understand.

There are impulsive emoticon users. These people use as many emoticons as they can in one go. If it’s a case of having multiple personalities or sheer confusion, then we’ll never know.

There are also exaggerated users who, due to the inability to express, put as much emotion indicators as they can. If an open parentheses means sadness and an open one’s for happiness, then these people put as many parenthesis to convey extreme (and over the top) happiness and/or sadness.

And then the basic emoticons have mutated to some complex and very confusing forms.


My decision to refuse using these emoticons actually serves as a test of some sort. I want to find out if emoticons have really become essential to online interaction.

Are my jokes going to be taken seriously minus the smiling face? Am I going to sound arrogant minus the emoticons in every single statement I make? Is my ‘thank you’ not showing enough gratitude without a colon and a close parentheses?

I believe that there’s no harm in using emoticons, it’s just that some have been very abusive that it becomes annoying at times. And in this era where everything is too clouded up by sugar-coatings, we would come to a point where we just want everything simple and raw. No need for emoticons, the caps lock key and a long queue of punctuation marks just to get our point across.