#128: Solenn Heussaff on FHM March 2011

It is March and we know what this means, it’s FHM’s anniversary. They are turning 11 this year, like a kid experiencing puberty had the magazine been a real person. We all remember that phase in our lives- awkward voice, things popping out of our skins, hair growing here and there, and some skin and blood being moved out of our systems and all that jazz. But FHM is not like us humans. And this 11th year marker of this magazine is anything but awkward.

What do we have here? Oh, it’s a lucky horse kissing this month’s cover muse, the multi-hyphenated (READ designer, make-up artist, model, singer, Survivor finalist, painter, product endorser, movie star, soon-to-be TV star, It Girl….) Solenn Heussaff. The timing for her much anticipated FHM appearance couldn’t have been more perfect. After her stint in Survivor Philippines, she has captured the hearts of the Filipino masses despite the ‘socialite’ tag given to her by the said reality show. The public asked craved for more of Solenn. Although she has been a hot item for the longest time now, it is the mass appreciation brought about by Survivor Philippines that made her the next big thing on the local tinsel town.


I think this is the second time that the magazine used translucent color for their logo. (the first one was for Ehra Madrigal’s ‘white’ cover for June 2008)

That’s my only observation (MML). You be the judge.


There are minor changes (or is there only one?) on the layout. Thankfully it’s the table of contents that they changed. It is less confusing now. (Wait, who reads the table of contents anyway?)


Lucky horses. Lucky, lucky horses. Solenn, being the refined lady that she is, smoldered on the pages of FHM. Her shoot made up for the (somehow) lack of spark of last year’s anniversary issue cover shoots. Kudos to the photographer, the stylist and the make-up artist for the classy photos we are enjoying. Kudos to the FHM team for yet another classy photoshoot. Solenn was indeed polished to perfection for this one.

I can’t help but smile while reading Solenn’s interview. I can imagine her speaking whenever she was quoted in Filipino. She talked about her career plan, her Survivor experience, her passions, her life before the stardom and she managed to clarify some misconceptions about her and her lifestyle.

She truly heated up the 11th year of FHM with her cowgirl/equestrienne themed photos. She managed to show enough to ignite our thoughts while keeping some to tickle our imaginations. Plus her tattoos are hot.

Check out some of the behind the scenes photos of her pictorial:

PS. I have a strong feeling that Ms. Heussaff has a BIG chance of topping this year’s sexiest list. LET’S DO IT!

*I love the transition from Solenn’s warm hued photos to Paloma’s photos in cooler hues. It’s rad.


It is March and we know what this means, it’s summer time. Aptly so, FHM did their Bikini Special this month (they did last year’s on their May issue). I liked this year’s Bikini Special because they featured girls with tanner complexions (some of them are Filipinas). Last year, the bikini special featured more white chicks  (although I have nothing against them, it’s just that bikinis look better on tanned skin).

I also commend FHM for doing the photo shoots around the Philippines. They shot FHM favorite Paloma and car show model Shanna Solideo on the shores of Baler in Aurora Province. The shores of Subic, Zambales became witness to Australian-Pinay Richelle Prickett’s and Brazilian Model Ana Corado’s bikini-clad bodies. Jenny posed along the shores of her hometown Davao and Cebu’s  Aireen Estel, in her bikini, posed in one of the Queen City of the South’s A-list resorts (Maribago Blue Water Beach Resort). Not to forget Australia’s bet, Half Filipina Shiralee Coleman.

Other girls featured were Incoming babe, Lae Lusung and March GF Janna Tiangco (it’s kinda disappointing that they reduced the GF’s photos to two, again.)

PLUS Sam Pinto’s San Mig Light ad is there again. 🙂


Among the featured articles this month are 60 driving tips, Extreme Sportsmen, Vanity for Men, Dog Breeds and the Death of ‘Pinoy Rock ‘n Roll.

I liked the article about the dogs because it gave everything an aspiring dog owner needs to know. From the behavior, health, intelligence, price and the impact it will give the ladies.

The article on the ‘Death’ of ‘Pinoy rock ‘n roll caught my interest even though I am not a big fan of the genre. It managed to tell how everything started, from underground to mainstream, the impact of NU’s downfall, the signing of indie bands for major record labels and how the genre is slowly losing pace with pop music, which is more appreciated by the majority.


*or my queries*

  • So Pauline So is the ‘real’ Premiere Vixen. Whatever happened to Christine and Karen?
  • What is the font name of the ones used for the Bikini portion?
  • How about the one used for Solenn?
  • Why is this issue worth every peso spent?
  • Will I ever get answers to my questions?

*images courtesy of fhm.com.ph and Solenn Heussaff’s Twitter page

Because I can’t wait for FHM Philippines’ March 2011 issue..


FHM March 2011 teaser from the Bullpen

It is the last day of February and I was roaming the the nearest mall like a ghost (or anything you can relate to roaming, except cellphones *hwehwe*). Aside from doing some grocery shopping with my nanay, I always make it to a point to visit magazine stands/shops to check-out and buy the latest issue of FHM. I also check back issues just to get my hands on issues that I missed for some reasons.

My first stop on magazine-hunting moments is the magazine section of SM Hypermart which is situated on the entrance of the grocery. Then I check FILBAR’S, which is my favorite place to buy stuff. Maybe there is something with the feeling of being surrounded by printed words. On bad days, I also check Book Sale, National Bookstore and Watson’s (because they have the magazines earlier than the others). To cut this shit short, I failed to score the latest issue of FHM today. I wasn’t really disappointed because I already know that FHM 03/11 will be released tomorrow, March 1.

I shouldn’t be disappointed, but still.

Good thing I sc0red two back issues of FHM- June 2010 (#119) and August 2010 (#121)

FHM #119 (June 2010)

Max Eigenmann did the most for FHM for the year 2010. She was fearless. This issue gave Max Eigenmann ‘maximum exposure’. I commend the FHM team for doing a risky theme for someone whose name in the showbiz industry gives everyone a great recall. It was like Krista Ranillo‘s August 2008 FHM debut. Only riskier, braver, bolder and better (but less controversial).

We love the babes. (Ingrid Holm, Mic Salazar, Lisa Marie, Trisha Alvarez and Giane Sales)

We love the articles just the same. We have this guide on how to be famous in 15 minutes (Be Famous Now!), the explainer on El Niño and La Niña (Where Do All the Rain Go/Come From?), and an interview with TBLA participant Kevin Yue.

Here are some photos from Max Eigenmann’s cover story:

FHM #121 (August 2010)

This is FHM in 3D. Not really the whole magazine, but in some parts only. The good parts.

Priscilla Meirelles is this issue’s muse. Her photos were OK, so to speak. I find the shoot a bit bland although some of her black and white photos delivered. She is a Brazilian beauty queen. How can you go wrong with that? But the photos seem to be lacking of something, I just can’t put my finger on it. Maybe this is caused by some unfortunate events prior to their shoot.

Here are some photos of Priscilla from this issue’s cover story:

Other babes featured in this issue were Mocha Girls, Mae and Jhane, (it was really awkward typing the letter ‘H’. jejemuch) the Playgirls and Fil-Brit Margarita Hall.

Good articles in this issue are NSFW Pinoy Websites,  Life 2.0 or the guide on internet life and FHM duo SuperBonngg! and BA Borleo’s adventure to becoming male models good enough to make it to Cosmo’s Bachelor bash.

Did I mention that this issue (or some parts of it) is in 3D? Yes, FHM 3D-fied some of their hottest babes like Angel Locsin, Cristine Reyes, Katrina Halili and others. Check out some of the 3D-fied FHM babes below. *Click to enlarge. You know how this works.*

(more FHM 3D images from this blog)

But what made this FHM 3D thing a knockout were the 3D-fied Premiere Vixens in their wet nakedness. Check out the samples. (WARNING: the images are NSFW)


BUT since I bought the back issue, there are no 3D glasses included on the purchase. BUMMER. No geek explosion for me.


I hope these issues will be enough until I get my hands on FHM March 2011 probably on Sunday, after church. Plus each back issue costs 70 pesos (but Filbar’s sells their Max Eigenmann FHM’s for 90 pesos. I bought mine on Booksale) so these magazines cost like a current issue. Good deal, right?


Here is Solenn Heussaff’s cover photo for FHM March 2011. I can’t wait to get my hands on her, er, FHM issue. Lucky horses.


Polished to Perfection

*images courtesy of FHM.com.ph