Because I can’t wait for FHM Philippines’ March 2011 issue..


FHM March 2011 teaser from the Bullpen

It is the last day of February and I was roaming the the nearest mall like a ghost (or anything you can relate to roaming, except cellphones *hwehwe*). Aside from doing some grocery shopping with my nanay, I always make it to a point to visit magazine stands/shops to check-out and buy the latest issue of FHM. I also check back issues just to get my hands on issues that I missed for some reasons.

My first stop on magazine-hunting moments is the magazine section of SM Hypermart which is situated on the entrance of the grocery. Then I check FILBAR’S, which is my favorite place to buy stuff. Maybe there is something with the feeling of being surrounded by printed words. On bad days, I also check Book Sale, National Bookstore and Watson’s (because they have the magazines earlier than the others). To cut this shit short, I failed to score the latest issue of FHM today. I wasn’t really disappointed because I already know that FHM 03/11 will be released tomorrow, March 1.

I shouldn’t be disappointed, but still.

Good thing I sc0red two back issues of FHM- June 2010 (#119) and August 2010 (#121)

FHM #119 (June 2010)

Max Eigenmann did the most for FHM for the year 2010. She was fearless. This issue gave Max Eigenmann ‘maximum exposure’. I commend the FHM team for doing a risky theme for someone whose name in the showbiz industry gives everyone a great recall. It was like Krista Ranillo‘s August 2008 FHM debut. Only riskier, braver, bolder and better (but less controversial).

We love the babes. (Ingrid Holm, Mic Salazar, Lisa Marie, Trisha Alvarez and Giane Sales)

We love the articles just the same. We have this guide on how to be famous in 15 minutes (Be Famous Now!), the explainer on El Niño and La Niña (Where Do All the Rain Go/Come From?), and an interview with TBLA participant Kevin Yue.

Here are some photos from Max Eigenmann’s cover story:

FHM #121 (August 2010)

This is FHM in 3D. Not really the whole magazine, but in some parts only. The good parts.

Priscilla Meirelles is this issue’s muse. Her photos were OK, so to speak. I find the shoot a bit bland although some of her black and white photos delivered. She is a Brazilian beauty queen. How can you go wrong with that? But the photos seem to be lacking of something, I just can’t put my finger on it. Maybe this is caused by some unfortunate events prior to their shoot.

Here are some photos of Priscilla from this issue’s cover story:

Other babes featured in this issue were Mocha Girls, Mae and Jhane, (it was really awkward typing the letter ‘H’. jejemuch) the Playgirls and Fil-Brit Margarita Hall.

Good articles in this issue are NSFW Pinoy Websites,  Life 2.0 or the guide on internet life and FHM duo SuperBonngg! and BA Borleo’s adventure to becoming male models good enough to make it to Cosmo’s Bachelor bash.

Did I mention that this issue (or some parts of it) is in 3D? Yes, FHM 3D-fied some of their hottest babes like Angel Locsin, Cristine Reyes, Katrina Halili and others. Check out some of the 3D-fied FHM babes below. *Click to enlarge. You know how this works.*

(more FHM 3D images from this blog)

But what made this FHM 3D thing a knockout were the 3D-fied Premiere Vixens in their wet nakedness. Check out the samples. (WARNING: the images are NSFW)


BUT since I bought the back issue, there are no 3D glasses included on the purchase. BUMMER. No geek explosion for me.


I hope these issues will be enough until I get my hands on FHM March 2011 probably on Sunday, after church. Plus each back issue costs 70 pesos (but Filbar’s sells their Max Eigenmann FHM’s for 90 pesos. I bought mine on Booksale) so these magazines cost like a current issue. Good deal, right?


Here is Solenn Heussaff’s cover photo for FHM March 2011. I can’t wait to get my hands on her, er, FHM issue. Lucky horses.


Polished to Perfection

*images courtesy of

LSS #10001: Sara Bareilles


You probably know her for her songs ‘Love Song’, ‘City’, ‘Bottle It Up’, ‘Gravity’ and her latest hit ‘King of Anything’.

Other than her singing and song-writing skills, her honesty is so adorable. She is funny, to say the least. Follow her on Twitter and be one of nearly 2Million followers who get a daily dose of her witty quips. Let this Twitter Shout of hers be an example. You can also check her Facebook page to get a glimpse of her fun persona.

Now back to the music. My favorite Sara Bareilles song is ‘Gravity’. The song was well-written and the arrangement is so emotional. Add to that Sara’s honest delivery. Plus this song never gets old.

Check out my favorite Sara Bareilles’ Gravity performance:

It has been weeks since I downloaded some of the songs off of her sophomore record, ‘Kaleidoscope Heart’. As always, her songs are well-written and are very catchy. Among my favorites are ‘Hold My Heart’, ‘Uncharted’, ‘Breathe Again’, ‘Say You’re Sorry’ and ‘Gonna Get Over You’.

Check out her live performance of Gonna Get Over You:

PS. Download her ‘Live from SOHO’ album on iTunes. She is fucking awesome there.


Here’s Sara Bareilles’ cover of the Coldplay song ‘Yellow’ for iheartradio. Haunting, it is.

*image from Sara Bareilles’ Official Twitter Page

on being down and all the bad things surrounding it

Sometimes it’s hard to say “now the tables have turned” especially when that is just your reason you are doing something irrational. Unfair as it may sound, but hey. Life’s not fair.

What’s harder though is expecting others to approach certain situations the way you do. What’s harder than harder is expecting others to understand how you feel, without you venting out those emotions.


I don’t like confrontations. I don’t like opening up about my problems, too. I just don’t like talking about things that bother me. It’s like adding insult to injury. It’s not hearing my problems all over again that scares me, it’s the feeling that you need to explain your feelings to others for them to understand you. I just don’t want to sound like I’m begging for sympathy. People who open up their problems to others don’t need sympathy, I tell you. Plus I want to spare everyone from my troubles. (but I really don’t mind others sharing their problems with me. Seriously)

I also don’t like explaining my actions. I just want everyone to just live by with ‘I just did that because I want to” explanation then back to business because we do some things just for the heck of doing it. (Hey, I just explained one. Bummer). Nobody really NEEDS other’s explanations, they just WANT it for whatever purpose it may serve them.




No matter how much we want to tell ourselves (and others, for that matter) that we enjoy being alone or we find comfort on the safety of our lonesomeness, we still need others. Especially their compassion. We were born social animals, remember?

There are bad days when you just want, nay, need to be understood. Those days when evaluating your self  just won’t do the trick. The days when talking to yourself which borders to being schizophrenic and bipolar won’t make you feel any better.

Everybody does something wrong at some point. And everybody needs redemption.


It is hardest to deal with one’s personal shortcomings. We can’t get what we can’t give but sometimes it is hard to tell that to ourselves. And sometimes it is hard not to expect.

We make ghosts that we can’t deal with and we can’t help but blame; others blame themselves while others blame others.

We always have something to regret about. That’s why I am not inspired by those fakers who say they never regret anything. Liars.


Everybody feels down every once in a while. Even the happiest people you know feels bad some times. It just differs on how one handles his emotions, on how you look at your troubles.

Being vulnerable is not such a bad thing. Though some are not comfortable showing it.

Being sad sucks.

It is happy being sad.