My December.

Lights. Chandeliers. Barkada outing. Sunsets. Clouds. Church. Kingdom Plantae. Rocks. Rainbow. Fun.

Field Trip

Random photographs. Plants. Flowers. Flame. Stones. Insects. Reptiles. Amphibians. Raindrops. Clouds. Shadows. Light. Colors. And the combination of everything. There are a lot of beautiful things within our reach. We just need to bring the spectacle back home.

Child of the Field

Living and growing up in a place where plants and other creatures grow abundantly has its perks. In my case, one of the most enjoyable reward being a ‘child of the field’ has got to be having my own wonderful ecosystem of sorts just around our house.

Insects, grass, fruit-bearing trees, flowering shrubs, more insects, vines, frogs… you name it and our yard most probably has it.

And whenever I have a chance, I take photos of the wonders of nature our front yard possesses just for the sake of taking pictures.

The fact that it is hard to predict what is to be found and what are potential subjects to photograph adds more fun to the experience.

Moving subjects, like tiny insects are harder to photograph. I was lucky to take a photo of a dragonfly. This dragonfly just caught a tinier insect, so its guards are down.

Grasshoppers, on the other hand, are very quick and hard to spot because they tend to use camouflage to hide from their predators.

Plants are easier to work with because working with them gives me the freedom to find better angles and light.

And because it is nature I am working with, it’s not unusual if I see how species interact with one another.

Although I was the one who strategically (and heartlessly) placed that little frog where those ants ‘hangout’, it still shows that nature is about, as Herbert Spencer puts it,  the survival of the fittest. Or the luckiest.