Talk Shit Street

Shit happens. In our street, mainly.

Well, I’ve been living in the same street for the past 19 years and I’ve seen it develop – from a muddy rough road to a mossy concrete road. And beside from the abundance of frog carcass run over by vehicles, the pavement of our street is also in abundance of… wait for it… animal droppings (I find this word silly).

Well, this whole shit about animal shit hanging out freely on our street is crazy. It’s been decades-worth of shitload of negligence and no action is being done.

We have taken care of several dogs over the years but we make sure to make them put their shit on its proper place. But it is something people around our place can’t seem to do.

Lately, it’s cat poop that’s been bothering our street. I just find cat shit more disgusting than that of dogs’. But nothing’s more devastating than seeing a dump run over by a vehicle. Disgusting lvl: squished poop.

Don’t get me started with stepping on one.

And one more totally disgusting thing is how some poop are so big that you’ll wonder how in the world dogs download something that colossal. Please people, animal negligence… now poop negligence.

Oh, and since we’re like in an island surrounded by a sea of rice fields, cow poop.


 People living in our street, please be responsible with your animals’ shit. See what happens when I see shit on the street? I write about it.