Partial and Predictions (FHM 100 Sexiest 2011)

So here’s the first of the many updates FHM would be giving with regards to their 100 Sexiest poll. (You have to subscribe to the FHM Bullpen to have the updates delivered to your e-mail.)

As the partial results show,  this year’s front runners are the very same girls we have seen lead the list for several years now. Voting ends on the 15th of June, so anything could happen. I’m glad that 5 girls whom I’ve been voting for (via everyday made it to the top 10.

Will Angel rule the list again?

Will Cristine or Marian reclaim the crown?

Will someone ‘new’ claim the top spot this year?

It’s too early to tell, right?  Who knows?

While we’re at it, allow me to give some predictions for this year’s 100 sexiest list. I’ll add more predictions as FHM updates us with more partial results.


PREDICTION #1: Jennylyn Mercado will still be the sexiest mom…

that is if nobody else keeps a child from the public. I mean, she will still hold the highest rank among the moms on the list. She is on the 12th spot last year and the mom nearest her rank is Valerie Concepcion at number 26. Based on the partial tally above, Ms. Mercado shows no sign of being dethroned as the sexiest mom.

PREDICTION #2: A lot of ‘new entries’ will hold a spot on the upper half of the list.

See, new timers Solenn and Ellen made it to the top 10 during the first serving of the partial results. And they’re fans show no sign of letting their idols down. Let’s not forget Bianca Manalo, Jef Gaitan, Carla Humphries and Misa Campo who made their own impact to the FHM Nation with their cover appearances.

PREDICTION #3: Some ‘regulars’ might drop from the Top 10.

I’m thinking about Iwa, Ehra and Katrina (not the three of them all at the same time). They have been on the top 10 of this list for quite some time now and it wouldn’t hurt that much if they fail to earn a spot on the higher part of the list. Add to that the fact that they are not among the top guns of their network as they used to be, hence the lack of exposure. Plus the newer FHM babes have stronger chances this year.


You can still vote for your favorites. Just go to, register and vote for your top 10 once a day, everyday.


*images courtesy of FHM Philippines and Google Images