Imaginary Moonrise Kingdom

I think I have figured out what I want in life! Well, probably just one of the many things I want in life. I want someone I can talk about movies I like with.

It’s not everyday that I get to find a movie that I really like, nor is finding someone to talk it out with an everyday occurrence. I mean, an easy way to put it is by saying that I may have a weird taste when it comes to stuff. And I like talking about weird stuff. It would be nicer to have someone to talk about it with.

This “eureka!” moment came along while I was watching Moonrise Kingdom. Not the bit about me wanting to talk about weird stuff, but the one where I realize that I want someone to talk weird stuff with.

I was thinking that our conversations may be something like, but not limited to this:

Me: “Hey, have you seen that Moonrise Kingdom movie?”

Her: “Yeah.”

“Damn good, isn’t it?”

“Agreed. Nice cinematography and cute story.”

“Yeah. The cast was amazing, especially the young girl. She’s very subtle and…”

“… Sultry!”

“That’s it! Yeah. And the places they shot the movie in, breath-taking.”

“You really like quirky movies, don’t you?”

“Yeah. I’m weird like that. You like those too.

“Guilty as charged.”

“Wanna make out?”


The movie was pretty much about the sense of wonder these two dysfunctional kids have. Boy’s a troubled orphan, the girl’s having anger issues. I don’t really know if I’m totally sold with the idea of young love and all this “kids have things figured out” plot, but this isn’t reality. The movie was well shot, well written and well acted. It’s a fun one to watch. It is set in the 60’s, so all that vintage stuff everybody’s getting into nowadays totally adds to the charm.

What I’m trying to say here, anyway, is that I really liked Moonrise Kingdom. Very light, very adorable and quirky. And very unreal. Also, love stories like those never exist. But fantasy is fun to watch. Anyway, none of our love stories will ever be as beautiful and whimsical like the ones you see on movies.

PS. Watch Moonrise Kingdom. It’s a really good movie.