LSS: Zooey & M. (She & Him)

Apart from being always, always quirky in her roles, it turns out that there is still more to love about Zooey Deschanel. It’s no surprise that she can really sing, given that her voice has a really deep quality about it. And it turns out that as she was playing bit roles on films (way before her big TV break with New Girl), Zooey Deschanel was a musician first.

Of course there’s her very cool performance of “Sugar Town” on (500) Days of Summer, but her thing with singing is way bigger than her big blue eyes. It’s no secret that she’s in a band, She & Him, with M. Ward and I’m kinda bummed that it’s only until recently that I have started listening to their songs.

So far they have released two albums, with another one to be released real soon. It’s quite hard to go far down their catalogue, at least for me, mainly because there’s just too many songs from them. But I try, really hard, and it isn’t too difficult because I really dig their sound. With a very indie, retro, quirky vibe brought about by Deschanel’s vocals and all the instruments, played by both members, incorporated with their songs, listening to them is almost as easy as watching Zooey Deschanel on-screen.

A few of my favorites are Change is Hard (Volume 1), a cover of You Really Got A Hold On Me (Volume 1), Me and You (Volume 2) and their newest single called Never Wanted Your Love from their upcoming record- you guessed it- Volume 3.