Where My Wormhole’s at

You stand there. You feel ecstatic, yet you can’t really point out what you want to do.You see lights. Lots of light. And you know you’re not alone. In fact, you are surrounded by a crowd of people passing you by. You take several steps, not really knowing where to go, or what to do. You know you came to that place with a certain power. A power so strong, yet so volatile. You know you want to use yours, yet you can’t decide how to. Yes, my friend, you are inside a mall.

Going to malls have always been a fun thing to do. You look around, money in your pocket, bound to make bad and/or impulsive purchases. There is really something about spending that is so good, yet so bad. I remember that at some point, I have made certain purchases that weren’t really necessary. May be it a shirt I won’t really use; pants that doesn’t fit well; shoes that look funny on me; perfume that doesn’t really smell good or toys I will break in an instant. But who am I to talk about shopping anyways? I mean, if I enjoy any shopping, it would be doing the groceries. Yeah, there is still an impulse to throw in some things in the cart that aren’t necessary, but who doesn’t?

Before I go full on “Bad Shopping 101”, I would come clean and say that malls bore me. It didn’t use to, but they do now. It doesn’t help that I wasn’t really going out much, and also the fact that I am over with purchasing clothes and what not. I would say that movies actually attract me, but I promised myself not to go to the movies alone. Oh, there it is, I also like being alone, for the most part, when I go to malls.

If there is one thing I really enjoy doing when I’m in a mall, I think it would have to be hanging out in bookstores and magazine/comic shops. That and dining out (but that’s beside the point). I can literally spend hours looking around books and magazines. If there is something I don’t feel guilty of spending, it would have to be on books.

“Man, these books are mine!”

Just recently, I went to the mall to do stuff and I really intended to go alone. But my mom joined, and it’s okay. But I had to find a way to stall, just to find some time alone. And we usually part ways when we go to malls, so that’s fine. She went on buying some clothes while I did my things with my books.

Shopping for books is best done alone, I figured. The last time I tagged friends along, I ended up buying none. Damn, I should’ve gotten those two Stephen King books. Hardbound, and on reasonable prices. Also, I think not a lot of people enjoy spending hours in silence while looking for books. And as much as I would love company, I wouldn’t want people rushing me. Good old new books take time.

I really love going to second-hand bookstores, BookSale in particular. Books are cheap, it’s not that crowded in there and competition isn’t as tough. Half of the people who goes in there are probably just looking for back issues of magazines. So, the few times I have been to BookSale, I promised myself that I won’t go out empty-handed.

I admit that I am not that familiar with a whole lot of authors, so it really is a gamble purchasing books from there. Add to that the lack of organization on their shelves. So I really have to dig, bend over, scour and just be thorough in looking for books. The last time I went, there was this old man eyeing the pile I am starting to make. And yes, I have to let him know that, “man these books are mine!”

Also there is this lady, she was also building up quite a pile for herself. And I can tell she knows what she’s doing because she’s being thorough, even on the paper backs. I wanted to talk to her, perhaps ask her for authors. But who am I kidding, between being a nerd and a bookworm, socializing is a sin. I’m just not good at talking to strangers.

I guess I can say that I am at a point in my life where I despise human interaction, I would rather make enemies than friends, and I would rather spend whatever money I have for books and magazines whenever I can. Books, especially cheap and used ones, won’t ever turn their backs on you.

So I scored a few good ones on my last trip to the bookstore. I was deliberately looking for some Stephen King books, and I got one. Well, under his pseudonym Richard Bachman. It’s called “Blaze”. Then a few more suspense/horror books. A hardbound copy of “Firefly Rain” by Richard Dansky and “The Wheat Field” by Steve Thayer in paperback. I also scored a copy of Carl Sagan’s “The Demon Haunted World”. It’s non-fiction and I think it’s a bit scholarly, so I gave it a shot. All of those books cost nothing more than a single brand new paperback novel would cost, and they’re in mint condition. I’m proud of my purchase and I hope my skills on book hunting would develop over time. Although I realized that I might have gone overboard, purchasing four books, but yeah, you can never go wrong with books.u

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