Must Love/Hate Frogs

Ah, yes. Frogs. If you have seen my previous post about nature, you might conclude that I like hurting frogs. No, that is not always the case, my dear reader. It’s just that I am fascinated by them more than any amphibians and reptiles for that matter.

and it just so happened that small frogs frequent our front yard. It’s hard to let these frogs go and let them be their icky bigger selves in the future if you have the option to keep them in their tolerable sizes forever.

But I don’t like holding them. I must have tweezers to be able to express my utmost appreciation.

We all have a fair share of ‘frog moments’ during our Biology class during our sophomore year in high school. I know that the almost inevitable dissecting of a frog for our laboratory class in Biology will son be just another urban legend because of the ever changing methods of teaching.

I guess my fascination with plants and animals rooted from my being a frustrated man of science. Yes, I once wished (and always will) to become a botanist and/or zoologist.

I did that “When I grow up, I want to be a scientist!” thing during my kinder graduation.


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