Coldplay: Moving to Mars

Somewhere up above the stars
The wreckage of a universe floats past
Somewhere up above my heart
A tiny little seed is sown, 
A government is overthrown, 
Who knows when we’ll be coming home at last

And I heard it on the radio
That one day we’ll be living in the stars
And I heard it on a tv show
That somewhere up above
And in my heart
They’ll be tearing us apart, 
Maybe moving us to mars
Past the satellites and stars, 

Maybe moving us to mars

We won’t see the earth again
In these seconds just remain unchanged
8 to 9, 9 to 10
We are meeting for the first time
We might never meet again you and me
We are meeting for the first time
Can’t you see
We are meeting for the first time

Singing this space symphony
They’ll be tearing us apart moving us to mars, 
Past the satellites and stars
They’re moving us to mars


Dynamic and well-written with subtle touches of emotion all over.

This relatively new Coldplay song is nice. The first part of the song sounds bluesy and quiet with just the piano and Martin’s voice doing the song. And just when I thought that this one would turn out to be as soft, emotional and quiet like ‘The Scientist’, the band started playing along during the second half of the song.

Lyric-wise, the song was well-written. The words are just so magical, and yes, songs written with these words are good to listen to when you are feeling a bit out of track. We all have days like that, don’t we?

Too bad this song won’t be included on Coldplay’s soon to be released record called Mylo Xyloto. But fret not, you can (as always) get your way online. Download this on iTunes or any other downloading sites (free and illegal) or just rape the replay button on YouTube.