#129: Regine Angeles on FHM April 2011

Fresh from whatever hangover the 11th Anniversary issue (with Solenn, nonetheless) FHM gave us last month, here they are delivering us yet another issue filled with good stuff, nothing but good stuff.

Regine Angeles goes wet for FHM this April. For five months straight, FHM is featuring first-time cover girls. But what sets Regine apart from the recent ‘new faces’ is the fact that she has been on the list of the most requested celebrities to grace the cover for some time now. As a proof of FHM Nation’s adoration for Regine, she entered the 100 sexiest list of 2009 ranking at number 64, then a few notches up at number 55 the following year.

Let’s go down to business and dissect the issue. (If only book reports and school researches were as entertaining as this.)


I have to say (as much as it hurts me) that this month’s cover is better than last month’s. But this is not the year’s best so far, either. (I still think Misa Campo’s is the best to date.)

The good thing with the cover is that they chose to have a photo ‘with movement’. The running water did the trick. The downside (I think), is that there was too much light. I don’t know. I’m not a photographer. I just think that more shadows would look good on this one.


Regine Angeles, finally!

This cover appearance has been long overdue. Every one who keeps an eye on FHM-worthy girls on the industry already saw this one coming, but nobody thought it would take FHM this long to have Regine. But now that we have her, we are still willing to take Regine with (our) arms wide open. Welcome to FHM Nation!

Regine’s 17-page feature with 20 photos almost made up for the time she made FHM Nation wait. Almost.

I think Regine fell short on her facial expressions, given that her body is a knockout.  Her poses were a bit lazy, for lack of better words. BUT her stares can make anyone melt. She has this mysterious look in her eyes on the first few layouts. Her photos on pages 56 to 62 are my favorite. The layout has this very calm and mysterious vibe.

I hate it that FHM made Regine wear stuff that are less revealing than what we see her wear on her Bench ads. I know this shoot was done to showcase another side of Regine, but I honestly think that smaller clothes flatter her body better.

I enjoyed reading her interview, though. She answered the questions with class and sass. Intelligent, honest, reserved and witty all at the same time. Just my type of girl. Perfect mix of humor and class.

I remember talking with a fellow FHM-enthusiast friend about FHM photographers. We agreed that Xander Angeles is one of the better photographers FHM teams-up with. This shoot is not his best but this is one is not bad either. Considering that the weather was gloomy on the day of the shoot, he still managed to produce well-lit photographs with a summer sunset vibe. Kudos to that!


Oh, the girls. I think the girls (and their photo shoots) on this issue are better than those featured last month. If they featured the April babes last March and vice versa, the 11th anniversary issue could have been better and this month would be perfect for the Bikini Special.

It still bothers me that they trimmed back the number of the photos of the month’s GF to two. This month, they feature Daniella Jose. Yes, two photos are not enough, but lo and behold, check out Daniella’s online feature with 120 photos of her in various degrees of undress. And wetness. On the beach.

Also featured this month is Kate Necesario. This model capitalizes on her lengthy legs and oozing confidence. Her confidence is so sexy, but she doesn’t dig cocky guys.

Other girls featured this month are GMA 7’s Comedy Bar mainstay, Given, Brazilian babe Yara Marinatto who made wearing sneakers with white bikinis look oh so lovely, starter babe Ronila Rodir and PBB alum Princess Manzon wet in a tub. With floating synthetic flowers, nonetheless.


I think FHM made major mismatches this month and last month. This month’s featured reads would’ve made last month’s issue better. In short, this month’s articles are way better.

Featured this month is today’s hottest sports item on the country, the Philippine Azkals. Their interview was good because they featured the less known members of the team. The interview has no showbiz fuss whatsoever. It’s solely about the team’s rise from obscurity. From being unknown to rousing our country’s knowledge about the sport. Although being overrated is not far from the picture, they talked abut how they are enjoying all the attention they are getting.

A myth-buster article is also featured this month. FHM explained the truth behind the relations of the proportions of our body part. Here, they dismissed all the wrong things being said about the relationship of our shoe sizes to our manhood and the size of our fingers to our tool. Yet another informative write-up, something FHM is surely good at.

Also in this issue is an article about the downside of eating too much ‘pulutan’. They provided figures on the nutritional facts of your favorite bar chows (sisig, crispy pata, calamares, buffalo wings etc.) and healthier alternatives (would you like some steamed fish with your beer, sir?).

The best read this month is FHM’s guide to hosting an A-list house party. This highly-produced ‘research’ gives us pointers on what to do and what not to miss on preparing a house party, from planning to cleaning. (Hangovers necessary)


I enjoyed the article on the ‘Funny Money’ on the Starter section. Manuel Roxas sure looks funny when he ‘makes faces’. The feature on Michael  Cacnio’s ‘Musterpieces’ in his collection called ‘Erotica’ was amusing.

Cacnio's The Tinkerer

Also, FHM hit a notch higher as they change (permanently, I hope)  their art for the True Stories section.

The feature on how to decipher a woman’s Facebook profile on the Lounge section was very informative and fun. Imagine, psychologists studying how your lady behaves on her online profile and how it translates to the real world.


This issue is a good one. It made up for whatever was lacking last month (good articles, mostly).

Hopefully, next month’s issue delivers too. I heard they would feature a first-timer yet again, which is good. I heard that she has been a part of the sexiest list for three consecutive years. I also heard that the theme of the pictorial is ‘summer on the beach’, which is overused. For more info on the the things that I heard, go here. No, don’t put your ear on the link. Click it. 🙂


You can now vote for the Philippines’ Finest for 2011. Go and vote for your favorite.

*images courtesy of FHM.com.ph

** ‘The Tinkerer’ photo from Google

6 comments on “#129: Regine Angeles on FHM April 2011

  1. I agree with you that the features on this month’s FHM are worth reading. It took a lot of effort for Regine to say yes because she is a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo and I remember her INC brothers scolded her after she appeared in Maxim two years ago.

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