LSS #10001: Sara Bareilles


You probably know her for her songs ‘Love Song’, ‘City’, ‘Bottle It Up’, ‘Gravity’ and her latest hit ‘King of Anything’.

Other than her singing and song-writing skills, her honesty is so adorable. She is funny, to say the least. Follow her on Twitter and be one of nearly 2Million followers who get a daily dose of her witty quips. Let this Twitter Shout of hers be an example. You can also check her Facebook page to get a glimpse of her fun persona.

Now back to the music. My favorite Sara Bareilles song is ‘Gravity’. The song was well-written and the arrangement is so emotional. Add to that Sara’s honest delivery. Plus this song never gets old.

Check out my favorite Sara Bareilles’ Gravity performance:

It has been weeks since I downloaded some of the songs off of her sophomore record, ‘Kaleidoscope Heart’. As always, her songs are well-written and are very catchy. Among my favorites are ‘Hold My Heart’, ‘Uncharted’, ‘Breathe Again’, ‘Say You’re Sorry’ and ‘Gonna Get Over You’.

Check out her live performance of Gonna Get Over You:

PS. Download her ‘Live from SOHO’ album on iTunes. She is fucking awesome there.


Here’s Sara Bareilles’ cover of the Coldplay song ‘Yellow’ for iheartradio. Haunting, it is.

*image from Sara Bareilles’ Official Twitter Page