I’m blogging, and so are you

Hey! So this is my first legit blog post and you are very lucky that you are reading this (jk). You see, I have given writing a try through other platforms like Multiply and Facebook and of course the old-school (but my favorite) pen and paper but decided to do it on a blog site just now.

The stuff I wrote on Multiply are basically accounts of what’s happening to me and are mostly written while I’m riding jeepneys, while those on Facebook are… I don’t know… random stuff, pretty much what you should expect from me.

I know there are gazillion of blogs out there talking about show business, fashion, technology, pop culture, love, heart breaks, sleazy stuff and more sleazy stuff. I, on the other hand, will blog about anything.

I don’t know.

I don’t know what am I going to post here.

I don’t even know what this post is about.

Maybe I’ll post who the next FHM cover girl is.

Maybe I’ll post about how awful local tv dramas are.

Maybe I’ll post videos I like.

Maybe I’ll post about my life and the things that run inside my head while I’m downloading.

Maybe I’ll post stuff I hear from the local news or the FM radio stations.

Maybe I’ll post about memes on Facebook and Twitter.

MAYBE I’ll post stuff I see on other blogs.

JK. No to plagiarism.

Just keep on visiting.

PS. It’s strange how some blogs get a lot of hits even if their posts lack… nvm. Just read my blog.